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Slimsticks - an aid to weight loss

Slimsticks ™ are the natural way to eat less. They are an instant drink mix which you dissolve in warm water (or tea and coffee) that you drink after a meal.

Slimsticks ™ consists of a minimal amount of palm and oat oil. The specific formulation makes the oils digest very slowly, allowing the active ingredient in Slimsticks ™ (Fabuless ™) to penetrate deeply into the intestinal system. The body will identify a relatively high level of undigested fat at a late stage of the digestive process. In this way the hunger signals - that would normally be sent after a meal, are delayed and suppressed. Therefore feeling less hungry. The components and technology used to make Slimsticks ™ are entirely natural and have no adverse side effects.

What Jane says: “When I was introduced to Slimsticks I was very dubious of them. Firstly do they work? And secondly are they are safe? I used them along with doing some research and was happy with the results. What I found was I didn’t get as hungry so therefore I would eat less! I feel they are very subtle but make a big difference to my calorie intake. I find that when I use them I take on less calories, as I am not as hungry as usual. Especially in the evening whilst eating my meal I would feel fuller quicker and perhaps not finish. If I am not watching my weight and don’t take Slimsticks, I could eat for England! What is really important is that if you do use these for weight loss please make sure that when you do eat you really take on good nutritious food to sustain your energy levels. So if you eat chocolate just for the sake of it, then perhaps these won’t cure all!”

Slimsticks for weightloss

Ingredients: Fabuless ™ (Vegetable oils in powdered form), Glucose Syrup, flow agent (E 551).

How to use: Take 1 -2 sachets daily with food. Mix a sachet with a small glass of water and stir well, it is better dissolved in warm fluid rather than cold.

Food supplement: This product should be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet.

Allergen information: Suitable for; Lactose intolerant people, vegetarians and people with diabetes.

Important information: As with other supplements, seek professional advice before used if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or suffering from food allergies. Consult a health care professional before use if you are taking any medication or have a medical condition.

Price - £29.98 for 30 sticks including post and packaging (UK and Ireland only)

All orders are processed and despatched within 2-5 working days from receipt of order. Therefore, your Slimstcks will be with you in just a few days.

Price includes post and packing based on using Royal Mail 1st class postage to UK addresses. Offshore addresses (Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and other offshore destinations) are subject to additional charges and could take longer for delivery.