How to journey from being broken to fully functional.

Here is Ian who I have worked with for many years.  He first came to see me to help with his running. I quickly identified that he needed to stretch much more and that would help increase his time. He started running at 58 we decreased his time and enhanced his performance. He suffered many injuries along the way so adapted his training accordingly and is still running marathons at 65.

How to journey from being broken to fully functional.


15 years ago I had the opportunity to work in a spine rehabilitation clinic with an established Chiropractor and a team of 6 therapists. I trained internally to work with specialist equipment in the clinic's gym. I gained so much knowledge, experience but such interest  during my 2 years at the clinic that I then went on to train as a clinical exercise instructor. I have passed on my skills to the team and we love working on the Power Plate for Injury rehabilitation.


I completed my Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation 16 years ago . I was then funded by my local PCT to attend both the falls prevention course and GP referral scheme.

Everyone is has an individual goal; Ian here went from zero to marathon running and is still running at 64. Nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset, mindset, realistic goals and the right team around you. I myself understand what its like to not be able be in extreme pain with problems moving and being fully functional, along with having sever stress to deal with. Small steps, slowly over time can help build a stronger body therefore stronger mind. 

I work with other like minded PT's so we all are on hand to help you rehabilitate any injury and can liaise with your practitioner.

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