Power Plate Training


13  years ago I opened the first dedicated Power Plate studio in London and ran classes of 4 up until last year. I now still have 1 Power Plate and use it on a 1-2-1 basis with clients, as, I believe it is a great piece of kit and would never be without one!


I have retained many clients from the old studio days as the results are brilliant. My old strapline for advertising and marketing was “Great for time poor professionals who hate the gym!” As it really is!


It is especially popular with women as it is great for cellulite reduction and increase in collagen fibres in the skin. What more does a girl want!?


It is great for sports professionals, I work with marathon runners incorporating it in sessions to help with increasing power and decreasing running time. It is great for other sports because of the accelerated update of nerves and muscle fibres.


Injury rehabilitation is high on my list. I myself use it for injury rehabilitation as do some of my clients. After being hit by a car twice (not my fault!) and having other industry related injuries I can really feel the benefit from doing specific exercises on the plate vs conventional exercise.

If you want a dedicated Power Plate session these are 30 minutes in duration.



"Jane Dowling is an amazing trainer and her Powerplate sessions are the best! I have a busy job, so being able to spend half an hour working out with a personable, knowledgeable trainer like Jane is perfect.  I would highly recommend Jane and her studio, I have been coming to her for years!" Dennis Nothdruft Curator FTMuseum Bermondsey Street.  45yrs.



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