Seasonal Workouts now on!

Did you know we do injury rehabilitation? But you don't want to have an injury on the slopes! We have been keeping Bermondsey fit and active for 12years! Its that time of year again! We do lots of strength work on the legs and core along with making sure your cardiovascular fitness is tip top. Keeping your fitness up will make sure that you are ready for the slops, in better shape to prevent injury and of course looking amazing during Apres Ski! 

Ski fitness sessions now on!

30 or 60 min sessions

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We can help you rock that dress and rock that party! Be the belle of the ball by whopping yourself into shape - not only looking great for this festive season but to help you with your stamina for the parties that are about to attend!

Little black dress workout

30 or 60 minute sessions

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We can help you in with the "new year new you" but why wait until then? We offer full on weights, cardio or a mixture of both. We work with every level and love what we do book in with us now!

New year new you? Dont wait until then, do something now!

30 and 60 minute sessions

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