2 new Quiry fitness Trends

I have been in the industry for 22 years and love to see what new fitness craze is thought of, or see if it is something has been rehashed from years back! When I first started circuits were all the rage.........now HIIT, Crossfit, Tabata are the buzz words....Honestly they are just the same but packaged in a different format and renamed!! So what have we go this week? Surfset heading over from sunny LA! Looks great fun Surfset (probably trademarked!) is a board that is mounted on a balance board and shakes you up! Great for core strength, balance and back muscles, Yes you get sweaty - depending on your existing fitness levels.

For more information visit surfesetfiness.com Fun factor out of 10 I reckon about an 8/9 if you can stay on! Will it stay around.........I give it 9 months! Us Londoners don't really get to surf that much and there is always something else coming up in the ranks! Trapeze What is says on the tin. I feel this is more for the serious exerciser who wants a different dimension to their fitness. Great from basic level up to strong mamas! Fantastic for toning and flexibility. Fun factor 7! As you do need to concentrate and challenging! Will it stay around? Yes, but I think when the initial buzz in gym classes will die down and the kit is sitting in a corner with the Surfset board smaller or specialised studios will carry on with it on a 1-2-1 or small group basis as it is great for another level of strength as circus skills class are still popular in and around town. For more information visit nationalcircus.org.uk

Happy hanging guys! xx

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