To P or not to P! The weight loss conundrum

To Pea or not to Pea!

So many people are on the “no carbs” “low carbs” or “more protein” mantra but is it good for you?

I had a client come to me last year whose previous trainer prescribed no cardiovascular exercise, heavy weights and wouldn’t let her eat carbohydrates only meat based protein! She didn’t have a period for 4 months!......along with some other problems…bad skin and bad breath to name but a few!

So no!

If weight loss is your goal and would like to live a normal life then you MUST EAT CARBOHYDRATES!!

Unless you are going to lie in bed for 3 months and not do anything, then you need these babies for brain function and intestinal health!

Yes, do cut down on Carbohydrates if you want to lose weight, but have “complex carbs”. Did you know that brown rice is brilliant when you are trying to lose weight? It helps gets rid of toxins and eliminate waste products in your intestines.

So if you want to strip down that summer holiday layer then have some at lunchtime, with plenty of Veg and along with some protein, plant based if possible.

Do be aware of heavier protein as it’s tougher on your digestive system. Complex carbs (i.e. brown rice) and protein keeps you fuller for longer! It wasn't Marks and Spencer’s that coined that phrase!

Hear the word 'protein' and you immediately think of foods such as fish, eggs and a sirloin steak. What most people don’t know, is that every whole food in fact contains protein - so from your morning banana to your evening salad, finding veggies packed with protein is not only easy to do, but super easy for your body to handle.

More about protein

Plant proteins are often classed as 'incomplete' proteins, meaning they are low in one or more of the nine essential amino acids required for our bodies to build protein with. However, this doesn't mean that they’re not beneficial - during the digestion process, amino acid chains from all sources are broken down and made ready for our bodies to use. So, if you’re eating a good mix of fruits, veggies, grains and legumes, then your body simply collects what it needs from the amino soup that your digestion system has already absorbed.

Even better, unlike their animal based counterparts, plant-based foods are practically free from cholesterol, tend to be high in fibre, and are often alkalising to the body. So, contrary to popular opinion, meeting your protein needs on a plant-based diet can be both simple and successful.

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