To HRT or not.....?!

I suppose I have been a little vain in my time. Now being 49 there is no difference but feel I really need to up my game. I do change my skin care routine every so often but I do need a little extra help. My face is defiantly taking a lot longer to even out in the mornings… even with a silk pillow case!

However, it is not just that my skin feeling a lot less elastic and much dryer than before, it is also the fatigue in my muscles and joints. They are aching a for lot longer after a heavy exercise session. The session I call heavy these days wouldn’t even equal to a warm up 20 years ago!

I have grown up/older with a lot of my clients and have been asking loads of questions on who does or doesn’t…use HRT……..I have been dead against it from my 20’s. When I started out in my early 20’s, I worked in a gym and had lots of ladies 45 plus coming in for programmes.

Many women came in and said that they were going through the menopause and had been put on HRT and had put on lots of weight, which made them obviously unhappy. I remember thinking ‘I am never going on the stuff’. But now, I am having 2nd thoughts.

I have many clients my age and above and what I have gleaned from these wonderful ladies is there isn’t a one size fits all that the NHS prescribes. It needs to be tailored to the individual.

Now I have heard that, I am seriously considering it. The female clients that I teach now who are on a bespoke prescription are full of life, vitality and do not suffer with dry skin or are not withered up anywhere else if you get my drift!

I have upped my intake of Ostrogen building foods however do feel that an extra boost is needed.

Years ago we didn’t have the option for HRT and women managed to get through life. However years ago woman’s lives were a lot less complicated and stressful.

I have considered the increased risk factors of breast and ovarian cancer. I am lucky that I do not have any family history of these dreadful diseases. I will also take on board all of the other information and less serious risk factors.

Do I want to feel that I have more va-va-voom in the skin department and energy and other areas of my body? Yes I do….so am off to research some decent doctors who specialise in this.

I will keep you posted…….any suggestions do shout!

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