Osteoporosis what exercise you should be doing.

This blog is a quick on as I have been asked this week to clear up a few confusing information on exercise and the Menopause.

Today I would like to clear up what you can and cannot do if you have Osteoporosis.

If you think of your bones to be like honeycomb inside, the weaker they are the bigger the holes. The stronger they are the smaller the holes.

If you do have Osteoporosis then DO NOT undertake any activities that involve impact. Running, jumping and impact aerobics are contraindicated. As the bones are weak and any impact with damage them further.

Also ab curls/sit ups can be contraindicated if you have osteoporosis in the spine. There are many other ways to load the spine and to have strong abs. Just because you have weak bones there isn’t any reason why you cannot have a 6 pack!

If you can imagine the inside of your bones look like honeycomb, the weaker they are the bigger the holes. The stronger they are the smaller the holes. So any impact or incorrect loading, will damage them further, also creating pain for you as the weak bones will press on nerves, which is a trigger for pain the muscles.

If you DO NOT have Osteoporosis then do undertake impact, as long as you do not have any other joint issues, as much as possible. this will keep the top of the legs, hips and the lower spine strong.

Weight training is a must for women of all ages, I really cannot emphasis how important this is.

Our bone density start’s to deteriorate massively after 35, when we hit the menopause it accelerates at a scary rate.

Tennis players who have stronger bones in their stroke wrist compared to the other side...something to think about.

The site to load are your hips, writs and spine these are the vulnerable areas prone to bone weakness.

If you have any further questions please email me on fitnessforeverybody@live.co.uk

Follow me on Instagram for videos of top tips on how to work these areas follow “meandmymenopause”

I have just set up a facebook group that is private so we can all exchange our experiences it is called “Menopause the Ageless Angle”.......The first 10 to join will receive a free exercise sheet!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jane xx #menopause #osteoporosis

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