A drop in Oestrogen can lead to weight gain around the middle. What you can do...

Oestrogen, the menopause and weight gain around the middle.

As we go through the Menopause our Oestrogen levels decline. This is because the ovaries decrease their production of oestrogen. During this time the body produces fat cells rather than muscle cells in a bid to counteract falling levels. Regrettably, more fat cells mean weight gain around the middle.

Not all is lost though. I have found it hard to fight against this, I do find that most of the time I am winning. If I cut out all wine from my diet and all naughtiness then I would never have a spare tyre!

In my 20’s and 30’s I would happily do this but I have come to the conclusion that life is too short so yes I indulge from time to time, the reason I pull it in now not because of my growing posterior or middle it is because of increased hot flushes, sleepless nights or dryness (that is all I am going to say on that subject right now!)

So I do have to ask myself is it me being naughty, age or drop in Oestrogen….?

I could become really hung up on this, which I probably have been at some point. I think, I am healthy, happy and as I do all the right type of exercises then I will be keeping my bones strong too.

I have been a clinical exercise instructor for 23 years and understand the physiology of exercise so when I want to strip things down I follow certain rules, food is a big factor however these are my exercise rules.

Weight training 3 times per week, ladies I cannot underestimate how important this is. Make sure you hit the hips, wrist and spine these are the vulnerable sites for Osteoporosis. As well as keeping the bones strong it helps with fat burning along with a greater sense of well being and feeling strong is just great.

Cardio, however not just steady state I make sure I do high level interval s, so really going for it for 30 seconds so I am really breathless then pulling back to get my breath back then repeating for at least 20 minutes. I find intervals keep me sane!

If I am really tired and having a bad week I just try to walk more and just do my weights and stretching.

It is important at any age to mix it up to avoid injuries. At our age isn’t just our muscles that we need to think of but our tendons and ligaments they become less elastic so over use can become a problem. Looking at the bigger picture is important, it has taken me 23 years in the industry and many injuries to accept this for myself though!

Stretching is very important I have never been into Yoga, probably because of my personality and also I have been spoilt as one of my good friends is an amazing instructor and now travels the world so not available but I am seriously looking for a good class to go to.

Fingers crossed that I am over the worst of the “change” especially regarding waking up at 3am in a cold sweat along with the craziness of an over active brain. But When I was going through that phase each day at some point I would put on some relaxing music and make sure I would stretch for at least 30 minutes.

Life can be tough girls so try not to get caught up in the downsides of the “change”. Just look at it as another challenge that you will get through. It’s about adopting coping strategies to overcome this whole process.

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