Return of the hot flushes!! What to do...?!

This week I have had a few hot flushes, I have not had any for such a long time. Thought I had seen the back of them. Last year they were just too much, a raging fire in my chest coming up to my head. For me, it felt like a light bulb in my chest and upper back was switched on which radiated up to my head, sometimes my whole body raised in temperature as well.

The last few nights, I haven’t woken up with the cold night sweats but when I have had to go to the loo a few time and on return to my bed my body temperature has increased so much that I have to toss the covers off!

So why now?

My daughter has been over from Australia; yes obviously I can blame someone else! I haven’t seen her for 6 months, missed her dreadfully. It has been her birthday, which rightly or wrongly (more wrongly!) meant I have indulged in eating cake, eating out, drinking too much wine and generally throwing caution to the wind! My juicing has taken a dip in regularity and generally not taking the same type of care that I have been in my diet as I should.

I have been exercising, my low impact HIIT and weights do keep me sane, but the scales are edging up.

Years gone by I would have just noticed a slight change in mood and my scales going in the wrong direction. I have put on 4 pounds in the last 3 weeks! That isn’t what concerns me, it is the return of the hot flushes. I need to turn it around again.

So I am back on it, even though my beautiful daughter has 1 week left and it is my 49th birthday on Friday I am happy to slurp on my beetroot, spinach, celery and carrot juice, cut out sugar, low carbs and say no to wine and coffee….is it worth it? Definitely. I accept that my body is no longer young enough to throw out the toxins as it did when I was younger and because my body is low in certain hormones it will react in such a way that it just isn’t worth it taking the risks.

Also back on the Black Cohosh, Magnesium, Menopause multi vitamin!

#menopause #hotflushes #blackcohosh #50

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