Menopause; I have stopped having hot flushes!

I have managed to stop my hot flushes again through going back on my eating plan before my birthday!

It is now the 13th of July. My birthday was the 1st. I have modified my diet and defiantly exercised more than last month, so back to my pre birthday routine. On top off my HIIT and weight sessions, I have swum either once or twice per week followed by at least 5 minutes in the steam room.

I really feel going into the steam room helps combat the hot flushes, sounds mad I know but when my dad was really ill in hospital and my “change” symptoms were really bad I used to swim and steam. Swimming helps massively with stress; it subconsciously brings us back to the womb and really calms down the nervous system.

Before I knew this fact, looking back on my life, whenever I was going through a stressful time I always seem to be pulled toward the pool and go for regular swims. Regarding the steam, I think that it pushes up the levels of tolerance to heat, a bit lit working anaerobically. To put this simply, if you push up your exercise intensity during your workouts you become really breathless, do this on a regular basis then when you are working at lower intensity you burn fat more efficiently. So what I am saying is that your body become used to the increase blood flow to your skin therefore dealing with hot flushes more efficiently.

Ladies if you are suffering and haven’t tried any of the above try some small changes to see if it has a positive impact on your wellbeing. Either try a swim/steam, change in food, extra supplements or upping your activity levels. We all know how debilitating hot flushes can be; those ones in the night really mess with your daytime routine from being so tired.

So along with this and my uptake in supplements once again, I have had no more hot flushes in the last couple of weeks! YAY I am so relieved.

Ladies I have just started up a closed Facebook page called “Meno and Me” do send me an invitation so we can swap stories you can ask me questions on diet and exercise or just rant!

Find my videos on specific exercises on Instagram “meandmymadapause”

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