Be prepared for the change when it happens to you.

This weekend I had a wonderful time at a 40th birthday party, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such positive people. I will be turning 50 next year, my husband who I have been with for 16 years is my toy boy…at the moment he is 9 years younger than me but come September just 8! He celebrated his 40th last year and this year many of his/our friends are turning 40 so it’s been great to be part of the celebrations. When we were first together I did worry about the age gap but as the years roll on it doesn’t make a difference. I do put effort into looking the best I can, but I am sure that I would be doing it anyway with or without a younger husband and group of friends. The other girls are always so complimentary about my appearance that I embrace it and I am thankful!

Even though the menopause affects every women at some point, I was a little worried of people’s reactions to my posts, rants and blog, as it is still a rather a taboo subject and not talked about, which is why I am doing it. A couple of the girls, at the party, mentioned how they are loving my posts and to keep up the good work, secretly I was relieved, thank you ladies, you know who you are! It is interesting to see how women’s perception of aging is definitely changing. We agreed that our mothers and grandmothers defiantly got old before their time and that “our” generation (I loved that they put me in their age group!) are embracing living life to the full. They want to be fully educated in what to expect and what they can do now to make sure they are in the best physical shape to deal with the change.

My clients and friends who are my age really don’t feel as “old” at 49/50 as our mothers did. We are so lucky to have more choices than they did, also a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips to help us keep us feeling and looking as young as possible, I could just only imagine my mum’s face if I gave her one of my green juices with flaxseed for breakfast!

The 2 most valuable courses that I have completed in my career were the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Postural Stability/Falls prevention clinical courses. Before opening my studio in London Bridge I ran cardiac classes, chair based classes and falls prevention classes across the borough of Wandsworth. I also mentored wardens of sheltered accommodation facilities to be able to deliver chair based classes for their residents.

Little did I know or realise that I would apply that knowledge to my own and clients workouts 10 to 12 years later.

Ok we are not in the “falls prevention” category just yet! The average age of the participant was 75, however I understand the importance of bone health, proprioception and cardio vascular health.

Did you know until about age 30, a person normally builds more bone than he or she loses? After age 35, bone breakdown overtakes bone build up, which causes a gradual loss of bone mass. Once this loss of bone reaches a certain point, a person has osteoporosis.

So my advice to younger ladies is cut out the rubbish from your diet, try and eat a balanced diet and try get into the habit as early in your life as possible. I am on lots of forums for menopause and what I am seeing is when women hit menopause, it can be extremely hard to have to change their life style so dramatically. So make small changes as early on as you can so when you hit your time any changes in your lifestyle that you will have to make won’t be such a shock for you.

Exercise is vital. I tell my daughter if she doesn’t do anything else just jump up and down, do press ups, squats, lunges, back extension and a rowing action of some kind with weights. Luckily she knows what I am talking about as I used to bring her along to all of my studio classes that included legs bums and tums, body pump and aerobics in the school holidays! She says to this day that has put her off group classes for ever!

So ladies, embrace the change when it happens as it will happen and try and be as well-equipped as possible as like most things in life, planning and being ready can help with the journey ahead that we need to travel.

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