Menopause- I hate hormones!

Ok so I exercise and eat well and I really thought I had this menopause rubbish under control. Oh no, Mother Nature decides she isn’t done with me – yet!

For a good 10 months I have been on top of it all. Diet, exercise, supplements, keeping calm and I have not had that hormonal struggle with food, you know the one, wanting to eat everything in sight in the 3rd week. I have been on such an even keel, feeling great, well good, great would be an overstatement, but you know what I mean, in control.

Anyway last month I had an appointment at the gynae clinic to check everything. The doctor suggested I have a scan, apparently it detected that I have a thickening of the wall of the uterus. Oh dear. The doctor said if I were younger it would mean that I would be getting my period. There isn’t anything to worry about but just to be sure I am going for more tests as this could be signs of the big “C”….mm ok.

Thickening of the uterus… oh dear. I am feeling really annoyed. I feel really antsy, angry and not happy at all, but to be fair I felt like this the day before the appointment…….?

You know what happened the next day? I ate bread and a packet of marmite crisps as I really needed something but couldn’t put my finger on it. It was so annoying like a craving when you are pregnant. No I am not! That night I literally crawled home from work, felt like I had been hit by a bus, went to bed even earlier than I normally do, which is early! Then in the middle of the night went to the loo and Mother Nature decides to give me a gift!! Yep first one in 8 months, the one before that was 8 months before. However the next day, as it used to be, I felt at one with the world again, happy, balanced and hoping that this was just one little blip in my menopausal journey and will level out once again. At least this means there is still some Oestrogen floating around my blood stream!

I will go to have the test next month to be safe, but the thickening was due to Mother Nature and nothing else. Fingers crossed. My smear has come back ok, however this other test goes up higher up (if you know what I mean!) as sometimes smears do not show up all of the abnormal cells. Well one learns something new every day.

That was 3.5 weeks ago.

This last week I have eaten more bread and carbs and argued with myself over food as I did last month and as I have done most of my life menstruating. I really went for it today with exercise. I have completed a weights work out and swam but I am still feeling really annoyed with life, really antsy and just cannot settle. Oh dear, am I to get another gift from Mother Nature again?

If I am I want my money back, someone to shout at or to come back as a man. This really sucks. The first part of my change was horrible as you know, night sweats, hot flushes in the day, anxious, crazy, sad, depressed but since then I have had all of my symptoms under control and really enjoying life.

So I am either getting younger or Mother Nature was on acid when she thought up this one.

Will keep you posted.

In the meantime feel free to email me your rants or question on how most of the time I managed my stupid Menopause through diet and exercise.

NB but on a plus note ladies, Sainsbury’s are stocking some great alternatives to eat well. Have found some new products to give courgette spaghetti a run for its money!

Organic black bean spaghetti and Organic Edamame spaghetti. Both high protein and high fibre, gluten free as well but I am not worried about that. I need to fill this void in me with alternative filling tasty food!

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