Menopause- Don't forget your Pelvic Floors!

I was driving home the other night after a long day in the studio. I like to reflect on my day and how my sessions went with my clients. I had 2 post-natal ladies in that day with their gorgeous babies. Such fun!

In the sessions I always remind them to do their pelvic floor exercises and if they aren’t sure talk them through how to do them. I then realised how I’ve been missing a massive gap in my own training and some of my other clients who are the same age as me.

When we age certain changes happen in our muscles, ligaments and tendons. During the menopause our bodies go through various changes and we need to address these individually.

Weakness isn’t just linked to these muscles if you have given birth. During menopause a lot of changes happen that can affect this area, I have heard some stories that would make your toes curl. I have also worked in a nursing home teaching falls prevention to the elderly. These poor ladies really suffered back when they gave birth, there wasn’t any intervention for exercise afterwards so weakness in this area is very common.

I know if I don’t stretch daily I feel really stiff and a lot older than my years in the morning! I also take great care to make sure that my strength training is targeted at what helps my bones, as well as helping aesthetically. Pelvic floor exercises are now in my routine. One can do these exercises anywhere! (I am doing them as I type now!)

If you are wondering what to do or how to do them, then ping me over and email with your questions.

"Jane Dowling is a clinical exercise instructor and personal trainer with 22 years of experience in the industry. She works with women of all ages and helps menopausal women through their journey with advice on diet and exercise. Email her on other blogs can be found on advice and tips can be found on facebook and ladies if you would like to talk to other women Jane hosts a closed facebook group called meno and me "

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