I found it difficult about 2 weeks ago as I was mourning summer, however now the leaves are on the ground I feel great!

This is now the time to step up the training with some HIIT! It will soon be the party and Ski-Fit season! YAY!

Why HIIT? Well we are all busy bunnies right? So the best way to keep fit in the most time efficient way is to do 30 minutes of intervals. I might say intervals or I might even have also said circuits, but that would defiantly show my age! So now we call all of the above HIIT!

Whatever we call it, this type of training does hit the spot! (No pun intended!)

Depending on your fitness levels we can do either between 20/30 seconds of high intensity cardio then swap to some type of weights/muscle work. My favourite is doing some cardio on the Power Plate and mix up the resistance with either Power Plate, body weight or bands/weights then getting sweaty in between. Boom! Done!

If we are incorporating Ski-Fit then defiantly some balance on the Power Plate or Airdex balance beam and defiantly some core and leg work.

Yes the leaves are on the ground the heating has fired up but so what!? Our party frocks will be out in force very soon, followed by our Ski boots! Whop whop bring on the snow, tinsel and glitter!

Let the fun begin!

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