Coffee pro's and con's

Well its that time of year ! We have switched from Rose to Red and BBQ to Roasts! The hangover from the summer, for some, may mean that those jeans are just that little bit tighter!

Yes we can now cover up, but before we know it, we will need to slip into something fabulous for the party season - don't worry I am NOT going to mention the "C" word just yet!

This is just a gentle reminder that we are hear to help with many aspects of your fitness, not just those muffin tops and tighter jeans.

This is how:

Saturdays - We have a fab new PT called Eddy, a HIIT specialist who delivers either 30 or 60 minute sessions for £60 per hour - he is happy for you to split the cost and bring your friend or partner for free!

Early morning and pm appointments - We understand that if you need to be at your desk early or have back to back meetings then we offer sessions from 6.30am to 8.30pm. The cost is £70 per hour. Both Dana and Eddy have a variety of skills that will whip you into shape, help with your stress levels or train you for a tough mudder, marathon or any given sport. You should check them both out on Instagram @dana_irvinpt @eptfitness or see us in the studio @bermondseypt

Pregnancy and post natal exercise - Both Dana and myself can help you through both and we welcome babies up to the age of 8 months to come with mum. As every pregnancy, labour and experience is different we look at each mum as an individual and make sure her needs are meet.

To book any sessions or for more info

Injury rehabilitation, hormonal imbalances and returning to exercise - This is where I come in! I have turned 50 this year so understand all of the above! I am 3 weeks post surgery on my left shoulder.... again! I am menopausal and because of all of my many accidents, surgery and hormones understand how to get back on track with exercise after

a bit of a life knock! I am in the studio 3 days per week and outside of that help women suffering with menopause through online coaching. if you are or know of someone who might be suffering then check out my other website or follow me Instagram @menoandme

To Book

If you would like to book in for HIIT, sports specific, weight loss or anything else then please email me on

Act now! Don't leave it when you have just 2 weeks to your Christmas party (dam it I said the C word!) Or you have booked a last minute ski break!

Happy October all!

Jane and team xx

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