Another new workout! LISS

Here we go -another workout for us to worry about! However you may just be thankful for your new "fitness" regime during this Festive season!

LISS (low intensity steady state)

I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have seen so many modalities that have been around a while re-packaged and called something new.

Where we have had the old fashioned “fartlek, circuits and interval renamed and packaged as HIIT we now have the “fat burning zone” re packed as “LISS” Low intensity steady state.

While HIIT (high-intensity interval training) may have ruled as the number one fat burning workout for the past few years, there’s a new, slower-paced attitude taking over that could do wonders for both your stress levels and metabolism—especially if the go-hard or go-home mentality has never really been your vibe. Meet LISS (low-intensity steady-state) training.

Let me just say one thing, if you want to get ready for the slopes this workout probably wont cut it, so dont forget our Ski-fitness is in full swing!

While the idea isn’t exactly new—it was a huge hit among bodybuilders in the 1960s and '70s, go figure—the science behind it has been blessed with fresh backing by fitness pros and influencers alike. So, if you’re keen to explore the flip side of HIIT, keep scrolling for our complete guide to LISS training.


LISS is an approach to cardio training that’s basically the total opposite of HIIT. Instead of blasting your body for short bursts before collapsing on the floor in a sweaty heap, LISS cardio involves longer stretches of exercise at a slower, steadier pace. It’s about building your endurance levels and overall body conditioning, rather than all-out fat blasting. Rather than running, swimming or cycling as fast as you can go over 5km, for example, LISS happens at a consistent slower pace, spread over a longer distance or period of time. This isn’t your PB-smashing kind of session.


First up, it’s a great way to stay active on days when you just aren’t feeling an intense workout or are easing yourself back into a fitness regimen—the steady pace means you’ll get all your systems going, without feeling depleted afterwards. Recovery is also quicker after a LISS session, so you can do it every day without putting too much pressure on your body—an excellent way to boost your overall metabolism.

Training at a lower intensity means that you can use more oxygen therefore staying in the fat burning zone. (which is really what LIIS is).

However, everyone’s fat burning cut off zone is different to the next person.

If you’re new to exercise, starting with LISS will help you slowly increase your fitness levels without risking the injuries or over-exertion that can crop up with more intense workouts. If you’re a fitness junkie or general exercise you still need LISS in your life.


This is the best part: There are so many ways you can tick off LISS training. Whether you love running, walking, hiking, swimming—even rollerblading, there’s no set type of exercise that’s best for LISS. The only thing you need to ensure is that you’re getting the pace right. While the exact heart rate during a LISS session will vary for everyone depending on your fitness level, experts agree you should aim for around a six out of 10 in terms of effort (10 being your absolute maximum and 1 lying down on the sofa).


Like any exercise these days influencers like to “label” things. Just as the old-fashioned circuits are called HIIT.

Is LISS good for you? Yes.

Is HIIT good for you? Yes.

Will it help you on the slopes? Not really you need to do a lot more leg and core work (BTW thats where we come in!)

Basically, you need to move, you need to get breathless, you need to challenge your heart, lunges and muscles also to load your bones to prevent osteoporosis.

It really isn’t rocket science but if this new concept will get people moving and exercising then let’s give this “New” training regime a warm welcome!

Happy Festive season!

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