Stay Young   

Hi I am Jane the studio owner and I opened the studio when I was 39 which makes me now 52! I work with a variety of ages  and with with youngster such as myself we are always trying to find new ways to keep young.

For me if I do not exercise regularly and eat correctly then it is reflected in how I look and how I feel. For me I strive to be pain free and to have lots of energy so I when I am training my clients, especially at 6.30am  I am full of energy! 


I work with women with hormonal imbalances see my other website


A client once asked me what motivates me, my reply was “being 48 and wearing lycra!” That defiantly is a motivator however I really want to feel energised and strong I am always looking at ways to vary my diet and make sure I do the right exercise in relation to how I feel. as if I am tired my injuries hurt more! So I try and do  lots of cardio, weight bearing exercises along with heaps of  stretching.


Bone health is really important especially past the age of 30, so I always make sure I target the areas of vulnerability. Hips, wrist and spine are the major sites for Osteoporosis. 


Another topic in the studio is the Menopuase. So many people do not want to talk about it......I am Post Menopausal and its been a bumpy road! But I am happier now than I have been in years!  Drop me a line if you want to connect on this taboo subject!


"I have been coming to Jane for over 1 year and he rtraining has helped me manage my Osteoporois and pain. I feel stronger than I have for a long time and it has helped me manage my workload better." Ruth 52 yrs Architect.



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