Jane has great insight and knowledge of the body, I have worked with her for many years.
Marc Almond
I have loved working with Jane in her Power Plate studio
Below are just a few testimonials from people who I have helped over the years at my studio.....

I have been training with Jane for almost 3 years, even though I no long work or live in the London Bridge area. For me, it was an excellent comeback from several years of total inactivity, which she managed very smoothly  With Jane's wide experience, you can work with her as your main PT or focus on something specific; in addition, Jane will always share a laugh with you, which comes handy if you have a very early session!  The studio is fully equipped and provides an excellent atmosphere for those who (like me) have a slight aversion to large gyms, or simply like a bit of privacy.



Alexander Petrov

Alex 26, credit risk analyst

“Jane is an amazing trainer and person; I first attended her Power Plate studio for classes and after 9 years still with her! She understands how my busy schedule can affect my performance and always find a way to make sure that I am challenged. She keeps me motivated to stay healthy outside of the sessions and is always on hand wherever I am in the world for support and guidance.” Jacinta Phelan COO Andre Balazs properties including The Chiltern Fire House 48 yrs young!


Jacinta Phelan COO Andre Balazs properties including The Chiltern Fire House 48 yrs young!

"After working out with Jane for five years, I'm stronger and more flexible than when I was a competitive athlete. She's both warm and challenging and she continually inspires her demanding clientele. Thanks to her expertise and wisdom, Jane has helped me build both my body and my business." 


Natalie Business Consultant 38 yrs


“Jane is a wonderful trainer with a personal approach. Her many years of experience shine through; Jane takes the time to teach technique and really understand a client's goals. The sessions are challenging and the hour seems to pass very quickly as she always mixes things up. In a relatively short period, I've noticed a real difference in my fitness and overall strength.”

Cat Millar

Cat Millar PR Director 29yrs

"Due to busy work schedules, I've found that I need a trainer to keep me on the virtuous path toward a healthier lifestyle. Having worked with several trainers, I can say that Jane is a cut above the rest. Jane is much more than a Personal Trainer. With her extensive experience she was able to tailor a training plan to my routine, as well as providing me tips on eating habits and general fitness. I've certainly fallen off the proverbial fitness waggon on many occasions and Jane has provided the necessary motivation to get me back on track with plenty of encouragement and enthusiasm. I love to ski and every year Jane ensures that I am in peak condition in advance of the season (especially after the excesses of Christmas). I've noticed an improvement in my endurance and attribute that to Jane's innovative methods and the great Power Plate work-out she incorporated into the training. My next adventure will be to climb Kilimanjaro, so I am looking forward to Jane putting me through my paces to ensure success. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone wanting to make a change and take their fitness to the next level.."

Colm McKenna

Director of Risk and Audit, 31.

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